Jeremy Bise

Our Favorite Desktop Apps in 2012

It's been awhile since we did a "favorites" post, so here's a rundown of the software we're using these days to get things done, stay [relatively] sane and to make wonderful web things.

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Jeremy Bise

CloudFlare and ExpressionEngine

Our hosting service is pretty fast, but we've been looking at ways to speed things up.  I've had my eye on CloudFlare for awhile now and thought I'd give it a trial on a couple of our ExpressionEngine sites this weekend.  There were a few gotchyas, but so far the difference has impressed me.  Read on for the gotchyas we ran into ExpressionEngine with CloudFlare along with a couple miscellaneous hiccups we noticed.

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Jeremy Bise

SEO Basics In Under 10 Minutes

A great video from Google which talks SEO basics in under 10 minutes. Watch it on YouTube if you're having trouble seeing the video.

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Jeremy Bise

The Making of Motto

We recently had the great pleasure of being contacted by Sunny and Ashleigh at Motto for some ExpressionEngine work.  In working together on a few client projects, they asked us to help build them a new website as well.  I thought I'd go over some of the successes and challenges in the building of the site.

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Jeremy Bise

Tracking Page Element Interaction With Trackiffer

So let’s set the stage...

You have Google Analytics on your site, so you know what pages are being viewed and a ton of other valuable information.  You know there are X number of visits to your Products page and Y number of visits to your Contact page.  Maybe you’ve even set up some conversion tracking so you know how much each click or contact is worth on average.  That’s all good and valuable, but maybe you’re wondering about what kind of clicks you’re getting on specific elements of your page.

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