Holston Hills Community Golf Course

Holston Hills' new General Manager, Terry Jennings, approached ThoseGeeks with a goal of putting together something special for the course outside of the page on the Town's site. The goals were simple - provide information about the course and rates so that the public would have that information readily at their disposal and showcase the course and its happenings, while being able to make content additions and changes himself. ThoseGeeks designed a very clean, focused site showcasing details about the facilities and each individual hole as well as providing a space for event listings and membership information. Furthermore, we implemented an e-mail marketing platform which allows visitors to sign up for monthly specials. We designed a series of e-mail templates to match the new site and Holston Hills staff can manage their list and send campaigns as they see fit using a simple interface.

Launch Site

What We Did:

  • Creative/Graphic Design
  • Email Marketing Design
  • ExpressionEngine Integration
  • Frontend Development
  • Strategy/Planning
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