Motto is a branding company founded on what they believe is the true measure of brand significance today: Motto articulates their clients' stories and design a brand’s visual expression in a way that demonstrates their uniqueness and personality, inspires their audience to engage, and builds that much desired bond between brand and consumer.

The old Motto site was suffering from lack of customizability and pain of adding projects.  The old site was built on Behance, which served well for quite a while, but Motto wanted something more cutting edge and something which was easier for them to add new projects to as they’re completed. ThoseGeeks took Motto's fantabulous (yes, that's a word!) design and sliced and diced it into ExpressionEngine templates and hooked it up for administration by Motto.  The end result is a truly cutting edge site which they will be able to manage easily for quite some time.

Launch Site

What We Did:

  • ExpressionEngine Integration
  • Frontend Development
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