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Our Work

Smyth County Public Libraries Digital Collection Migration

15,000 documents moved ✅ | 100% more usable 🙌 | A lot better to look at 😍

Integrity Roofing and Contracting Web Design

Quick Turnaround ⏳ | Quality Design 😍 | Mobile + Search Engine Ready ✅

ASD HarvestFest Raffle Ticket Sales E-commerce

Super Quick Turnaround 🕑 | Saved Customers Money 💵 | Managed With Familiar Tools 📄

About Us

Since 2003, we’ve worked with small to medium businesses, nonprofits and agencies to make the Internet a little better place. While we are based in Southwest Virginia, we work virtually from where we are and meet via FaceTime, Google Meet, or chat. Our clients come from all over the country. We want to help you bring your project to life using best practices, the most current technologies, and a human-centric approach. If you have an idea or a problem that needs solving, we would love to hear about it!

Jeremy Bise is founder of ThoseGeeks and be your point of contact for your project. He strategizes, designs, codes and listens and does whatever is necessary to get the job done and done well. Jeremy has served on board for the American Advertising Federation’s Southwest Virginia chapter and Third District. He sometimes speaks on topics such as entrepreneurship, development, analytics, and other tech-related subjects. He’s a dad and loves every minute of it.

The Process

1. Discovery + Planning

During this phase, we work together to define the project’s goals, objectives, and requirements. We work to understand your target audience, competitive landscape, and the overall vision for the website. The website discovery phase sets the foundation for a successful web development project, ensuring that the end result aligns with your needs and expectations while also considering industry trends and best practices.

Next, we start the actual design and development of the website. We use what we learned during Discovery to create the visual layout and user interface and code the functionality. There are regular reviews and updates to ensure that the project stays on track. Quality assurance and testing are performed along the way to identify and resolve any issues before the website goes live. Our goal is to transform the vision and requirements into a functional and visually appealing website that fulfills its intended purpose.

This is the culmination of extensive planning and development efforts in web development on both our parts. We’ll conduct final testing to ensure functionality, performance, and compatibility across various devices and browsers. The website is officially deployed to the live server and made available for the world to behold.

After the site goes live, ongoing maintenance, monitoring, and optimization become priorities. We’re available to regularly check for any issues, update content, and make improvements based on user feedback and performance analytics. Security and software updates and backups are essential to keep the website secure and functional.  We value a continuing relationship so that your website remains relevant and effective, evolving with changing user needs and technology trends.

Contact Us

Whether you’re starting from scratch with a new business or  an existing organization with a new idea, we’re here to help. Call us at 276-614-5489, email us at hello@thosegeeks.com, or drop us a line below.

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