Hello, World. Again.

Hello, World. Again.  - Thanks to Artem Bryzgalov for making the cover photo available freely on Unsplash
Thanks to Artem Bryzgalov for making the cover photo available freely on Unsplash

We used to have a blog. I used to enjoy writing for it. Hell, I was even told I was good at it a few times. As the years went on, I wasn’t taking the time to write and wasn’t feeling inspired to do so. We opted to delete the blog rather than having our site look and feel like nobody loved it. We’re bringing it back now, though.

I’m Jeremy, co-founder of ThoseGeeks. In spite of the shit storm that was 2020, my life did forever change that May in the best possible way. I became father to a little dude named Elijah. He saved my life I think. Here’s where this post turns a bit personal.

I had a voice once, but I lost it to depression. That depression took a heavy toll on my personal and professional life over the years. I never tried getting help with any of it until I all but shut down on so many levels. I let some amazing people down in some bad ways. I distanced or cut myself off from others. Guilt, regret and melancholy stacked up and I often didn’t feel that I deserved to get paid, much less have a voice people should care about.

But I’ve been watching Eli grow, learning and adapting, full of life and wonder. I began to think about making him proud and wondered where my wonder went. I found it again when he came. There’s still a voice in here. There are people who helped me when I was at my worst. They thought I deserved it. The other day someone asked me why we were so cheap and then stated actual reasons why I shouldn’t be. That was not only jarring, but it was validation that I must be doing something right. The only thing holding me back for years was me. I’m working on it. For my little boy. For those who matter to me. And for myself.

Why get so personal in public? The way I see it, there are other smart people who have the same or similar mental illnesses. There are smart people who screw up, but get back up. I’m saying you aren’t alone. I’m glad I’m not alone. For me, writing again is part of working on it as well doing some small part in normalizing talking about these things.

Over the last few months, we’ve rebuilt this site. It’s very fast and has some features we’re excited write about. What else shall we write? I promise it won’t be personal much. We’ll write about the things that excite us. We’ll write about the things we think will excite, educate or entertain you. The point is we rediscovered our voice we think we should use it.

So hello, world. Again.