Scott Cleveland Landscape Corp

The Problem

We had the pleasure of designing and building the Scott Cleveland website many years ago. It served them well for a long time. Many of the relevant search phrases has them placed on the first page of Google results. But the site was built before responsive design was the standard, so mobile visits to the site were having a less than ideal experience. The design was also old. It was time for an update. Scott and Joya came to us again for help. Here’s what we did.

The Solution

To address these issues, ThoseGeeks recommended the following:

The Results

As a result of moving the site off of WordPress and onto the JAMstack, speed tests went from here:

81 Performance
79 Accessibility
85 Best Practices
62 SEO

to this:

99 Performance
100 Accessibility
100 Best Practices
100 SEO

That’s quite a performance improvement, we’d say.

With the addition of landing pages for individual services, we expect more search engine impressions for the services Scott Cleveland Landscape Corp. offers. Mobile visitors will have a much better time using the site with the new responsive design.


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FYI page

Contact page

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