Hugo Development

Hugo is the world’s fastest framework for building websites. In the Jamstack ecosystem, Hugo truly builds websites faster than any other. We like to pair it with Netlify CMS or Forestry and Netlify or AWS Amplify for hosting.

The result is an extremely secure and fast experience for your visitors.

The Benefits of Hugo and the Jamstack


When your site is built with the Jamstack, there are no database queries to slow the site down. All files can be hosted on content delivery networks, making your site load extremely fast anywhere in the world.


Since the front-end of the site has no database or server-side scripts, there’s really nothing to hack. Files are hosted on distributed networks, so there’s very little chance of hosting being compromised compared to other ways of deploying sites.


When high traffic hits the typical WordPress site, the server can become slow or unresponsive. Static sites built with the Jamstack are served by highly efficient content delivery networks, which are infinitely scalable and don’t even slow down under high traffic.