Ride P.R.E.

Client Location: Tennessee

What We Did:

The Challenge

When RideP.R.E. approached us, they faced some serious WordPress challenges. Chief among them was an out of date PHP environment. With an out-of-date environment, neither WordPress or the plugins which make the site work could be updated. While no major incidents happened, this was an open door for a number of security concerns and they knew they needed to act. They were referred to us and we were glad. We got to work.

The Solution

We duplicated the site into a staging environment so we could update PHP and see what we were looking at in a safe, isolated way while the live site was still selling tickets. We helped RideP.R.E. evaluate their WordPress plugins and remove any which weren’t being used. In addition, previous developers had written a considerable amount of code inside theme files. Unfortunately, that meant customizations were lost each time the theme was upgraded. We extracted that custom code into a plugin so that things aren’t lost during future theme updates.

We were able to get the site working in the upgraded environment quickly enough that there was time left over to work on the visuals. RideP.R.E. let us go through the site and update spacing, colors, typography and slider design to be more on-brand and modern.

The Results

With just a couple weeks' work, RideP.R.E. now has a better looking site which is running the latest, most secure versions of PHP, WordPress and all plugins. Future updates will be smoother and we’ll be working with them to keep the site up to date on a regular basis going forward.

Ride P.R.E. homepage