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Scott Cleveland Landscape Website Design

Wytheville, Virginia

The Challenge

We had the pleasure of designing and building the Scott Cleveland Landscape Corporation website many years ago. It served them well for a long time. Many of the relevant search phrases has them placed on the first page of Google results. But the site was built before responsive design was the standard, so mobile visits to the site were having a less than ideal experience. The design was also old. It was time for an update. Scott and Joya came to us again for help. Here’s what we did.

The Solution

To address these issues, ThoseGeeks recommended the following:

  • A redesign using more modern visuals, featuring a more clean layout which makes better use of the browser window. The new design would need to be able to adapt to various screen sizes.
  • To create more search indexing opportunities, we proposed to split the single Services page into a page for each service. In doing so, a multitude more landing pages could be indexed.
  • For the most speed and security, we recommended the JAMstack approach to building the JAMstack approach to building the site. We opted for Hugo as a static site generator.

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